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Questioning Whether You or Your Loved One Could Benefit from Companion Day Services?

Ask yourself the following 10 questions

  1. Are you or your loved one idle? Do you or your loved one sleep a lot throughout the day, perhaps in front of the television?
  2. Do you or your loved one have a low interest in other family members?
  3. Are you or your loved one sad, lonely, or confused?
  4. Would you or your loved one benefit by some social activity during the day?
  5. Do you lack time and energy to take care of your own needs? Do you need more time for yourself, or to be with other family members and friends?
  6. Are you a care-provider for a senior adult but also parent a child or children?
  7. Are you also working part time, or full time?
  8. If your loved one is not living with you, are you often worried about him or her?
  9. Have you thought about a nursing home for yourself or loved one, but feel scared and guilty when you have these thoughts?
  10. Are you spending a lot of time providing routine care for your loved one, such as cooking, dressing and toileting, and find that you have less time for talking or doing activities with them?

If you answered Yes to at least one of the questions above,
you and/or the person you are caring for could benefit from CDS.