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Fees for Service

Program Costs and Billing

Companion Day Services is a non-profit public service, licensed by the State of Wisconsin and offered to Marshfield residents and residents of surrounding areas. The operating budget is funded primarily by participant fees, grants and fundraising. The hourly fee is adjusted annually during the budget process to ensure that operating costs for the following year will be fully covered. Participants are not denied services due to an inability to pay as long as there is funding to assist with the cost. A sliding fee scale can and will be used when necessary for private pay participants. Those who have funding available from an outside source will pay full cost unless otherwise contracted at a different rate. Those who need assistance to pay for services should consult with the CDS Director. Participants/responsible parties/agencies will receive 30 days notice prior to any change made in the rates of services.

Fees include all meals/snacks, supplies, care, programming and supervision. Participants will be checked in and out by staff to the nearest 15 minutes in order to keep track of hours of service. Billing is based on each quarter hour of attendance. Companion Day Services will ask for payment of services no later than Friday at 5:30pm for the services provided the week prior unless a participant receives assistance for care or other arrangements have been made with the CDS Director.

Payments may be made by check or cash. Payments can be given to the CDS Director or mailed to Companion Day Services, 905 Tiny Tigers Court, Marshfield, WI. 54449. Checks shall be made out to Companion Day Services, Inc. If fees are not paid in full by 5:30pm on the Friday for the services provided the previous week a $5.00 surcharge will be added.

Additional fees may be required for field trips, etc. however the participant or responsible party for payment will be notified in advance for permission to participate in the field trip.

Household Income

For the purposes of the food program, all participants will be asked to give minimal information regarding their household income. Household income is also used to determine if someone is in need of financial assistance for paying for CDS services. A household is defined as all members under one roof that depend on one another for food, clothing, money and/or shelter.

Deposit/Down Payment

A one time nonrefundable deposit of $50.00 will be made by all potential participants to secure the day and time of their first vist. This is a non refundable deposit credited to your future visit and holds a space for you on your prearranged scheduled day. If a potential participant decides not to attend on their scheduled first day, the absentee rate (see below) will go into effect unless other arrangements of attendance have been made in advance as appropriate. If a potential participant decides not to attend CDS, their deposit will be forfeited.


Having one or more participants absent does not decrease the cost of staffing CDS. For that reason, participants/family member/care providers are expected to notify CDS of cancellations and/or changes in schedules as soon as possible but at least by 12:00pm (noon) the day prior to the date scheduled. If this is not done, the participant/family member/care provider will be billed the absentee rate of 1/2 their usual hourly rate for the hours they were originally scheduled on that given day. For example, if a participant fails to inform staff of a need for cancellation and they were originally scheduled for 6 hours and normally pay $6.25 per hour, the participant will be billed for 6 hours at a rate of $3.13. Exceptions may be made by the Director in event of sudden illness or unavoidable circumstances. For your convenience in notifying CDS of cancellations, all participants/family members/care providers (involved with making scheduling arrangements at CDS) are supplied with the CDS business phone number as well as the home phone number of the Director and Assistance Director.

In the event of an extended absence due to illness or injury, participants/family members/care providers/agencies may guarantee continued attendance on the days and times currently scheduled, for up to 30 days, by paying the absentee rate of one-half the usual hourly rate for usual scheduled days of attendance. Participants or their families may also choose immediate discharge with the understanding that the program cannot guarantee immediate reacceptance with the same schedule of attendance. Those receiving assistance to pay for CDS will consult with their caseworker or other responsible party to determine which option is preferable. Any waiver or reduction of standard fees warranted by exceptional circumstances must be approved by the CDS Director.

  • Minimum Charge: There will be a minimum charge of 1 hour for each day your adult attends.
  • Late Charge: A late charge of $1.00 for each 5 minutes after p.m. closing will be assessed.
  • Interest: Interest at a rate of 12% per year or 1.0% per month will be charged on all balances.
  • Current Fee Schedule

    A current fee schedule is available upon request.